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At ENTRAC, we take great pride in our highly qualified and experienced staff, who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality equipment designed to meet the rigorous international standards and regulations. We work closely with trusted and competitive partners and manufacturers, ensuring that we better suit our valued customers’ requirements and needs.
In addition to offering top-of-the-line equipment, we are also deeply committed to providing unparalleled customer service and support. We are fully dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, from the early stages of project consultation to prompt deliveries and after-sales support.
Above all, customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our management practices and is of the utmost importance to us. We are constantly striving to continuously improve our service offering and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Project Support & Advice

Whether you are looking for support or assistance, our team brings a high level and process oriented consulting based on yourinterests.

Our team of engineers strive to find solutions and proactively recommend appropriate actions to undertake, thus your projects are set up for success.

Equipment Design & Engineering

We offer tailor-made equipment design according to all applicable international standards and codes. We are able to accomplish design calculations and detailed engineering, and that through our engineering and design department.

We are also using the best advanced software solutions universally applicable for all disciplines.

Manufacturing Follow-up

We ensure the follow-up of all stages of the manufacturing process from the choice and the inspection of the raw material until the end of fabrication.We always seek to make sure that the progress, the control and the regulation of the manufacturing process are closely and efficiently executed.

Inspection and Testing

Inspection and testing are performed before, during, and after manufacturing to ensure that the equipment comply with the specified requirements and the design standards, in order to be adequate for its intended purpose.

To ensure conformance of the manufactured equipment, corrective actions can be taken at the right time, if required

Packaging and Equipment Delivery

As soon as the inspection and testing were performed, we make sure that equipment are packed in the right way (wooden box, pallets, special container…) according to international packaging standards and depending on the transportation method from the factory to the client’s site if needed. Thus we always make sure that our clients get exactly what they requested promptly and accurately.

Installation, Commissioning, Start-up and SAT

Your operating time is valuable !

Our team is able to perform support during installation and commissioning, develop start-up and operating procedures and undertake all the necessary on site testing in order to guarantee and confirm the operability of the equipment in terms of its performance, reliability, safety, and security.

We always seek to achieve an effective transition from the manufacturing phase to the handover to the client. Depending on client’s requirements, we can accomplish all activities that bridge these two phases.

After Sales Services

Whether during or beyond the warranty period, we remain at your disposal to settle any claim. We always attempt to add value to our offerings by fostering a solid and lastingrelationship with each of our customers and always endeavor to satisfy them.

Why Choose Us

Relying on our highly qualified staff and its wide expertise, we always strive to deliver both standard and customized equipment, according to international applicable standards, to better suit customer requirements and needs.We are deeply involved to support our customers starting from the early steps of projects consultancy and assistance services to fast deliveries and after-sales support.We act in close collaboration with qualified and competitive partners and suppliers tooffer the best solutions to our customers.

Skilled Experts

Our employees are our most valuable asset that drives us forward. we aim to create an environment for growth and development and we strive to unleash the power of our people to foster creative thinking that leads to practical solutions and business challenges.

Vast Experience

Over the course of more than 15 successful years in business, ENTRAC has proven experience in the oil and gas field.

Quality Assurance Products

We are fully committed to provide our customers with a wide range of equipment tailored to meet the highest quality standards, alongside with an approach aimed at continuous improvement. we continually seek to improve our management system and the services we provide to our customers.

World Renowned Partners

Creating Value through strategic partnership is the essence of our business. We always aim to build strong and lasting relationships with our partners.

On Time & As Per Requirements Delivery

We always seek to deliver High Value Added equipment and solutions as per the customer requirements, promptly and accurately.

Best Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the main driver of our business. We always try to enhance our offers by promoting a solid and lasting relationship with each of our customers and we always strive to satisfy them.

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